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feed the hungry.

How do we help Greece?

Everytime you order: 10% of our net profits will be donated to a nonprofit food bank to feed the hungry in Greece. Every month you will see how much was donated on Facebook, twitter and so on. Our organization works in accordance with the 501 (c)3 of the IRS code of the United States.

Greek history and our heritage dates back thousands of years, and our goal is to preserve the rich culture, heritage and traditions of Greek Food, its history, and to help its Greek people in need.

Why help Greece now?

Debt-stricken Greece is impossible to ignore:

1. The politics of poverty brought about by the relentless cuts, tax rises and job losses demanded in return for EU and IMF rescue funds has left Greece, economically damaged.

2.(Unicef) United Nations Children's Fund estimates that nearly 600,000 children now live under the poverty line in Greece. And, more than half that number lacked basic daily nutritional needs. There are reported cases of kids going to school with nothing more than rice or stale rusks for months.

3. Record unemployment, and with the country trapped in its worst crisis in modern times, hardship is surfacing in ways that few would ever have foreseen. Hunger and undernourishment are part of that spectrum now; and homelessness is on the rise.

4.The Greek Orthodox church is doing its best to feed an estimated 55,000 people a day.

5. Some official report thousands of Greeks go to soup kitchens everyday.

6. Greeks in Greece have exhausted and spent their entire savings.

7. Poorer families are seeing an inability to cope with children's health, social and educational needs.
That is when GREEK FOOD IMPORTS decided to step in...

It is our love for our motherland country of Greece, and love for our brothers and sisters in Greece that we take to heart. As Greek Americans in the United States, we want to contribute for a better society. We look forward to being financial conributors for years to come and as long as it takes to improve the Greek economy, and its people.

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MONDAY        11:30AM TO 2:00PM  ( LUNCH )

TUESDAY        11:30AM TO 2:00PM  (LUNCH)

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