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Kefalograviera Kavousos- 24 lb wheel

Kefalograviera (Κεφαλογραβιέρα) is a hard table cheese produced traditionally from sheep's milk or mixture of sheep's and goat's milk.
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Description Kefalograviera (Κεφαλογραβιέρα) is a hard table cheese produced traditionally from sheep's milk or mixture of sheep's and goat's milk. According to the PDO filing with the EU (see below) the name applies only to cheese produced in Western Macedonia, Epirus, and the regional units of Aetolia-Acarnania and Evrytania. The cheese has a salty flavour and rich aroma. It is often used in a Greek dish called Saganaki, cut into triangular pieces, rolled in seasoned flour and lightly fried. It is an excellent cheese for grating, and is widely used as a topping for pasta dishes. According to one cookbook, "At its best, it is as good as or better than Romano or aged Asiago." It is very similar to Kefalotyri cheese and sometimes is sold under that name.
Preservation Instructions

Hard cheeses are preserved satisfactorily in refrigerators for several weeks. When cheese is exposed to the air, it can get dry or even spoiled. For this reason, from the moment it is cut, it should be covered with transparent plastic wrapping film or aluminum foil in order to prevent air from contacting cheese. Cheese is better preserved in entire pieces than grated. It is better to grate cheese right before serving it.

If it grows mold on top, it is not necessary to throw it away, since mold is not harmful ,but you can remove the top layer and the remainder of cheese should be consumed in a short period of time .

Many hard cheeses can be put in the freezer so that are preserved for much more time.

In order to freeze it, cheese should be cut in smaller pieces and be enclosed in airtight sachets to prevent it from humidity. Frozen cheese can be used for grating , in salads, in the form of cubes, or in already prepared food.

However, the texture of the cheese is changed if it is put in the freezer.


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